We create and build innovative technology solutions that provide better financial futures.

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Empowering ideas.

Within Behavioural Finance Ltd, we are on a never-ending quest to employ the latest cutting edge techniques and methods in developing our products. In order to ensure we are at the forefront of thinking we use the insights from the brightest and best out there across multiple scientific disciplines and the wealth management industry.

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Adapting for the future.

We originally set out to create software to help wealth managers and financial advisers achieve better outcomes with their clients, triage prospects to increase efficiency, and provide an automated method of garnering more referrals and introductions to new clients. Harnessing the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence within our software this is no longer an aspiration, but an actual possibility. All of which can be done remotely by a client from the comfort of their own home using our intuitive and simple WealthPersonality® journey!

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Technology for good.

Technology is increasingly playing a central role in the generation of innovations that target the grand challenges of today’s world, captured by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org). At Behavioural Finance our goals are guided by:

Financial inclusion – we want to help the people who may not have access to traditional financial planning by providing the tools to help them self-diagnose, completely free of any cost or fee.

Work with charities and social enterprises dedicated to addressing the many issues faced by veterans by providing financial insight and self-diagnosis. The work we have conducted with social enterprises in this area has been fundamental to the development of Wealth Personality®.

As founders it turns out that we all share a goal of living in a fairer, cleaner world, where our children and children’s children can expect a bright and optimistic future. Basically, we wanted to change the world and we decided the best way we could do this was to change the way investors identify with ‘what they want from an investment’. We see improving people’s understanding of their ESG Personality® through the use of our ESG Profiler® as our service to the planet and humanity – this is us giving a little something back.

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Championing talent.

Our approach to talent is focussed on attracting the brightest, dedicated, and inspirational individuals who share our goal to improve the wealth management industry through the tireless development of scientific innovations. Employees can expect an environment that is open, innovative and collaborative whilst retaining a quiet unyielding focus to find and deliver.