Discovering your Wealth Personality

Our initial product offering is an app based financial psychometric test which identifies a client’s wealth personality and ESG profile.

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Our initial product offering is an app based financial psychometric test which identifies a client’s wealth personality.

Wealth Personality
A wealth personality defines the way a person will likely react when confronted by certain financial decisions.

Whether these be day to day such as whether to purchase a discounted piece of clothing or eat out for lunch, medium term such as whether to save for a new car or long term such as whether to save aggressively in order to retire early and go travelling or live for the moment and take each day as it comes.

Wealth Management
The wealth management industry focuses on measuring attitude to risk but pays very little attention to the financial decisions that people make, have made in the past, or why they make them in the first place.

Until now there has been almost no formal measurement of wealth personality or acknowledgement of its existence within the industry. Historically, a client’s wealth personality has at best been left for an adviser to decipher, and at worst overlooked completely.

Our scientific research and industry knowledge shows us that the reasons why a client makes financial decisions are just as important to any formal financial recommendation, as attitude to investment risk or hard facts.

We felt that the current lack of industry focus in this area was troubling and so we set out to improve it.

Our app is designed to be used by advisers with their clients, either in person or emailed pre or post meeting.

This also presents a great sharing opportunity between parents, children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, thus it’s a great succession tool.

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Core to our offerings is software integration with legacy systems and CRM platforms.

Our software is API enabled, and can be used by any advice firm or company that has a license, with white labelling should it be required.


WealthPersonality®Adviser only
Client Wealth Personality Assessment
Available in the UK[Y][Y]
Consistency of Approach[Y]Assumed
Scientific Underpinning[Y][N]
Online[Y]Company Dependent
Paper Based*[Y]Company Dependent
ScienceFine Grain Psychometric[N]
Measurement MethodVisual Analogue Scales[N]
Diagnostics to Resolve Problem Areas[Y]Inferred
Tailored to Company[Y][Y]
On-boarding Family Report for New Clients[Y][N]
Bespoke Client Feedback[Y][N]
Adviser Feedback[Y][N]
Feedback Benchmarking (Client)[Y][N]
Feedback Benchmarking (Adviser)[Y][N]
CRM Integration[Y][N]
Lead Generation[Y][Y]
Focussed Sales Indicators[Y][Y]
User Experience
Time to Complete5 minutes average6-12 months**
Easy to Understand Data-Driven Insights[Y][N]


*Our WealthPersonality® tool is also available in paper based format

**6-12 months is our determination as to the very minimum it would take the very best advisers to obtain the same levels of granular information as our tool.

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